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The Ten Characteristics of Dharma

Shreyán svadharmo viguńah paradharmatsvásvanuśtitátSvadharme nidhanaḿ shreyah paradharmo bhayávahah. Human beings should die a glorious death, a death worthy of a human being. They should never give indulgence to the crude animal propensities. “Svadharme nidhanaḿ shreyah”. It is better to die a glorious death than to continue living a life of…

The Base of Life

A finite entity requires a base for its existence. The base shall not only preserve its “I” feeling in physical form, but it shall also nourish the same every moment with vital energy for that entity. The subtle entity requires a base in exactly the same manner as a physical…

Yoga and Tantra

Today’s subject of discourse is “Yoga and Tantra”. Some people are curious to know what yoga is and what Tantra is, and where they agree and where differ. First let us discuss what yoga is. The word yoga is derived as the Sanskrit root verb yuiṋj plus the suffix ghaiṋ….

Tantra Yoga for beginners course

Why does happiness need to come from an infinite source? What's it like to exist beyond the mind? Learn and appreciate more about Yoga in the classical, real sense of the term. Learn basic yoga and meditation practices and prepare for the Tantra Yoga intermediate course.