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The Ascent of the Mind

Everything in this universe, manifest or unmanifest, abstract or matter, is the playful creation of Prakrti. All entities are the different expressions of the endless dance of Shakti (Supreme Creative Principle) on the vast body of Shiva. Is Puruśa a mute witness in this playful creation of Prakrti? Is it…

Struggle and Progress

The centrifugal movement that starts from the Macrocosmic Nucleus and moves towards crudity is called the process of Saiṋcara. What influence does the centrifugal force of Saiṋcara exert on the microcosmic body and Macrocosmic body? In the process of Saiṋcara (the first half of the Cosmic cycle) the centrifugal force…

The Base of Life

A finite entity requires a base for its existence. The base shall not only preserve its “I” feeling in physical form, but it shall also nourish the same every moment with vital energy for that entity. The subtle entity requires a base in exactly the same manner as a physical…

Tantra Yoga for beginners course

Why does happiness need to come from an infinite source? What's it like to exist beyond the mind? Learn and appreciate more about Yoga in the classical, real sense of the term. Learn basic yoga and meditation practices and prepare for the Tantra Yoga intermediate course.