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Yoga and Tantra

Today’s subject of discourse is “Yoga and Tantra”. Some people are curious to know what yoga is and what Tantra is, and where they agree and where differ. First let us discuss what yoga is. The word yoga is derived as the Sanskrit root verb yuiṋj plus the suffix ghaiṋ….

Spring Retreat through Labour Weekend 23-26 Oct. 2020 in Motueka, Nelson

The Kiirtan Baba Nam Kevalam  was introduced by Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji on 8th October 1970 at Amjharia District Forest guest house , in the state of Bihar(present state of Jharkhand) in India. Baba said Kiirtan is very very important for good meditation. By doing Sadhana (meditation) our minds move…

Spiritual Ecology. An Easter Retreat. 10-13 April 2020, Auckland

You are invited. Contact Dada Shuddha for more information:Dada Shuddhatmananda (022) 041

Tantra Yoga for beginners course

Why does happiness need to come from an infinite source? What's it like to exist beyond the mind? Learn and appreciate more about Yoga in the classical, real sense of the term. Learn basic yoga and meditation practices and prepare for the Tantra Yoga intermediate course.