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Reality and Intellectuality

The subject of today’s discourse is “Reality and Intellectuality”. While talking or arguing, we usually say, “It is reality,” or “This is a matter of fact,” or “This is abstract.” We use various terms to express the idea of reality. Now, let us consider the concept of reality, and then…

The Field of Dharma

You know, life is a constant fight, a fight between the evil force and the divine force, vidyá shakti and avidyá shakti. These two belligerent forces are active in the human mind. A sádhaka will encourage the divine force, and a non-sádhaka will encourage the evil force. This fight is…

Tantra Yoga for beginners course

Why does happiness need to come from an infinite source? What's it like to exist beyond the mind? Learn and appreciate more about Yoga in the classical, real sense of the term. Learn basic yoga and meditation practices and prepare for the Tantra Yoga intermediate course.