Ananda Marga Aotearoa

Half Bath: The Yogic Technique

This yogic technique relaxes the nerves and lowers the metabolism, cooling and refreshing body and mind. It stimulates a relaxation response similar to the “Diver’s Reflex” found in other mammals – for example, the stimulus of cold water on diving seals lowers their consumption of oxygen, allowing them to stay underwater longer.

It is beneficial to take a “half bath” before Yoga postures and meditation. Relaxed digestion of food is aided by a half bath before eating. Curiously, it invigorates oneself if taken first thing in the morning, yet allows deeper, calmer sleep if taken last thing at night.

What to do

  1. Wash hands.
  2. With cool water (no soap needed), wash from knees to feet and from elbows to hands.
  3. Take a mouthful of water and hold the breath in, splashing water in the open eyes 12 or more times.
  4. Splash water onto the face and behind the ears and neck.
  5. Cup water in the hand, tilt the head back and gently tip the water down each nostril (blow or spit it out) 3 times.