Ananda Marga Aotearoa

Tips for Practicing Yoga: Do’s and Don’ts


  • Warm up before asanas, stay within your limits and avoid bouncing in stretches.
  • Regularly, a few in the morning and a few in the evening, before eating (leave 20-30 minutes before eating).
  • Try to eat Sentient foods (Cut out meat, eggs, onion, garlic and mushrooms from diet).
  • Wear Supportive underwear, and, if any other clothing is worn, loose clothing.
  • Use a mat or blanket to do your postures on.
  • Try to breathe deeply predominately through your left nostril (you can open the left nostril by lying on the right hand side). This helps the free flow of breath in your body.
  • Perform asanas with a clean body. Before starting have a half bath which involves splashing luke warm or cold water on your face, eyes and in your nostrils. Also apply water to your feet and arms.
  • After yoga the oils that are secreted from the skin should be massaged back into the skin to prevent its aging.
  • Always lay on your back after finishing postures. 2 to 5 minutes with relaxed breathing.
  • A short walk alone is beneficial after asanas, rather than entering straight into a busy, noisy environment.


  • Don’t have a full tummy while doing yoga, wait until 2 to 3 hours after large meals.
  • Don’t do yoga in a draft’y place or under direct sunlight.
  • Don’t touch (shower) or drink water for 30 minutes after doing yoga.
  • Don’t do strenuous exercises after yoga.
  • True asanas affect the hormonal and glandular system. Women should not practice these asanas during menstruation or after the third month of pregnancy. Asanas may be resumed two months after the child is born. Exercise can be done (and some asanas and exercises may be similar – the difference is the effect on the hormonal system). At these times do exercises that are appropriate.