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Tantra Yoga for beginners course

Tantra Yoga for beginners

The Tantra Yoga for beginners course is one of three Tantra Yoga courses Ananda Marga Aotearoa offers.

Course goals

Overall Tantra Yoga Course Goals
Change is the order of the day
Beginner Course Goals
  1. Gain useful empowerment tools for your daily life
  2. Help shift the mind from a materialistic paradigm to a spiritual one
  3. Develop spiritual and social consciousness
  4. Gain a sense of community and support from people making the shift
  1. Gain basic appreciation of Yoga in the real sense of the term

  2. Learn basic yoga and meditation practices

  3. Get inspired and prepare for the Tantra Yoga intermediate course


What’s in it for you? 

What you’ll learn each week:

Week 1 – Happiness and Success

  • Why infinite happiness needs to come from an infinite source
  • How Yoga is more than Asanas (Yoga postures) and how it can awaken your true potential
  • How to perform yogic breathing, how it is used, and why it’s important

  • How to perform an Asana

  • How to perform self massage and how it’s useful

Week 2 – The Science of Asanas

  • Experiment with breathing through each nostril

  • How to perform half bath and why it’s beneficial

  • How to do Namaskar and why it is used

  • The difference between the brain and the mind

  • What Asanas does to the body with respect to its biological and mental benefits eg. the balancing of hormones and emotions

  • Perform three Asanas

Week 3 – The Science of stress

  • How to do pulse breathing

  • Why the stress cycle needs to be broken regularly

  • Various stress management techniques to break the stress cycle

  • Perform four Asanas

Week 4 – Introduction to Meditation

  • Benefits of meditation

  • How one’s existence is beyond their mind

  • What pure consciousness is

  • How and why a Mantra is used

  • Universal Mantra: “Baba Nam Kevalam” and what it means

  • Ideation – the how and why

  • Why do Kiirtan?

  • How to perform ‘Baba Nam Kevalam’ meditation

  • Share and hear about others’ experiences of meditation

  • Where best to perform meditation

  • Why it’s recommended to meditate twice a day

  • How you can form a meditation habit

Week 5 – The Science of Sound

  • How to do Kiirtan while seated

  • Why is the Sanskrit language is used?

  • The qualities of a Mantra

  • What Mantras do to brain waves and what a person experiences

Week 6 – Beyond the Conscious Mind

  • How to do Kiirtan with the ‘Lalita Marmika’ dance and why it’s used

  • The different layers of the mind
  • Practices to go through each layer of the mind and what is experienced

  • When to use half meditation

  • Difficulties to expect when beginning meditation and some signs of progress

Week 7 – Responsibility as Empowerment

  • Perceiving the world through filters called Samskaras

  • How to take responsibility for creating your own reality

  • Our benevolent universe and how it provides us with what we need, not necessarily what we want

  • How meditation helps to clear our filters or Samskaras

  • How and why auto-suggestion can help, and how you can do it

Week 8 – Where are we going?

  • Why do we need a goal in life? Is there a reason and purpose for everything? 

  • What’s the human life journey all for?

  • How Ananda Marga practices contribute to our ultimate goal relative to other common practices

  • The difference between intellectualising Supreme Consciousness and experiencing it


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