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Ananda Marga Festivals 2016

Ananda Marga Festivals 2016

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Festival Description Date
New Year’s Day (International) 1st January every year Friday 1st January
Niilakan’t’h’a Divasa On the 12th of Feb. 1973 Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii has been poisoned in Bankipur jail, Bihar, with the direction of the then Prime minister of India.

Since He survived the poisoning, this day is observed as a day of victory. Each Margii should feed at least one person with a good, delicious meal on this day, if it is not possible to feed as many people.

Friday 12th February
Dadhiici Divasa 5 Ananda Margiis have been murdered by communist party in A. Nagar   on 5th March 1967 Saturday 5th March
Vasantotsava Spring festival (Holi festival or colour festival) Full moon day of Spring month( on Pha’lguna, the 12th month of the lunar year in India) Thursday 24th March
Navavars’a New year festival (1st   day of the local calendar) Friday 8th April
A’nanda Pu’rnima Baba’s Birthday on 21st May 1921(on the full moon of Vaesha’kha, the second month of lunar year) Saturday 21st May
Shra’vanii Pu’rnima’ First Initiation day on 1939 ( on the full moon of Shra’vana, the fifth month of lunar year) Wednesday 17th August
Prabha’ta Sam’giita Divasa First Prabhat samgiita composed on 14th Sept 1982 Wednesday 14th September
Sharadotsava 7th -11th October Autumn festival from 6th day to 10th day before New moon( in A’shvina, the seventh month of the lunar year) 7th – 11th October
(Friday to Tuesday)
Children’s Day 6th day(Sas’t’hii) Friday 7th October
Public Day 7th Day(Saptamii) Saturday 8th October
Fine Arts Day 8th Day(As’t’hamii) Sunday 9th October
Music Day 9th Day(Navamii) Monday 10th October
Vijayotsava 10th Day(Dashamii) Tuesday 11th October
Diipa’valii Light festival (on the New moon in Ka’rttika, the eighth month of the lunar year) the darkest night of the year. Sunday 30th October
Bhra’trdvitiiya’ Brother’s day (on 2nd day after new moon in Ka’rttika, the eighth month of the lunar year Tuesday 1st November
Nava’nna New food(celebrated on any full moon on the season, in which the main crop of the particular country is harvested)

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