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Prama newsletter January to June 2016

Prama newsletter January to June 2016

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Regional retreat in Dunedin
Programme in KPP
Auckland Food Distribution Program
Ananda Purnima celebration
Prachar work in Wellington
Bhakti concert in Nelson
Programmes in Dunedin


News from Wellington Region

Regional retreat in Dunedin

rrdOuting at a cliff on Quarantine Island

We conducted our regional retreat from 25th to 28th march in Quarantine Island, Otago harbour, Dunedin.  Everybody liked the place and although only 13 people attended, we conducted a full 4 day programme on the small Island. Brother Jiivan and Dada Shuddha gave an introduction class about the theme and Dada Paramatmanandaji facilitated 3 inspiring workshops on our first lesson, with a scientific explanation and practical demonstration as part of spiritual philosophy.

rrd02Caretakers’ introduction and welcome

Sister Monica from Dunedin did a power point presentation on PROUT, our socio-economic philosophy. This was followed by discussion on how to implement Prout, particularly in New Zealand. Many good ideas came out. One is to start cooperatives in different areas with local communities, where Baba’s ideas can be implemented. Second idea was to start study circle for intellectuals, students and youths, and to understand the local socio-economic and political situation and to contact local moralist, who working at different levels, to share Baba’s ideas regarding different issues.

rrd03On the boat to Quarantine Island from Dunedin Harbour

Two new people Michael and Macala attended the retreat. By Baba’s Grace they enjoyed the retreat and learnt meditation. We conducted 3 hour Sadhana Shivirs on the second and third mornings. Brother Jiivan taught a asana class and Didi Ananda Anuprabha conducted a class on Prabhat Samgiita and organised the meals for the retreat. The contribution of all the margiis in making the retreat enjoyable is appreciated. Brother Harideva led most of the kiirtans during the Dharmacakras and Sadhana Shivirs. We enjoyed the satsaunga, delicious food and had a wonderful time. On the last day Niti and her parents joined us for Dharmachakra at Tarun’ and Monica’s new house in Dunedin.

rrd04At dharmacakra  at Tarun and Monica’s  new home

The care takers of the island Chris and his partner were very cooperative. They shared their boats and Kayak with margiis to go in water to enjoy the sight scene. One day for 2 hours our margiis helped to water the tender plants on Island, since it was dry there and they do not have enough fresh water for plants, as a part of service. The only fresh water source is the rain water.

Programme in KPP

voseAnanda Marga choir performing at a public program in Kawaipurapura, Albany

In February sister Jyoshna  organized the Kiirtan choir  to present at Kawai Pura Pura, Albany, North shore, during the international Yoga conference that was held from the 19th to 21st February 2016. Approximately 220 people attended. About 25 to 30 different Yoga teachers and healing therapists gave workshops. We had  a Pracar stall with books and CDs on the campus. 2 brothers and 3 sisters were initiated.  Didi Ananda Anuprabha also attended. A few margiis worked for a few hours to take care of the stall. About 15 members of the choir were present, both margiis and sympathizers.  Sister Jyoshna coordinated with different spiritual groups to play kiirtan on stage.

pkpp02Our pracar stall in Kawaipurapura, Albany.  during the international yoga conference

The next programme was  the Voice of Scared Earth festival from 11th to 13th March, to create awareness about taking care of the earth by minimizing the use of goods with chemicals, preserving the forest, water, soil etc. Different teachers and masters came from different communities to conduct the workshops and classes. The local Maori people  organize this festival. About 350 people attended this time. Sister Jyoshna facilitated one workshop on the Supra-aesthetic science of Kiirtan and its origin. There were also other spiritual groups performing kiirtan on stage, such as Harekrsna, Sri Chinmay, and Mata Amritanandamayi, about 10 to 12 groups altogether.

pkppKiirtan during voice of sacered earth festival

AMURT work in Auckland area

Auckland Food Distribution Program.

Since 2013 we are collecting unsold fruits and vegetables from the Avondale Market which we sort and deliver to people who may not benefit from regular fresh food.

afdp02Vegetables and fruits collection from Avandale market

afdp01Bread collection and distribution

At present we collect two + cars loads every Sunday and leftover bread from Il Forno and Tart  bakeries during the week and deliver without charge the produce to various places around central Auckland. This amounts to at least 200kg of fruits and veg and 100kg of bread weekly. Regularly we also co-operate with an Onehunga NGO.
Recipients include Auckland City Mission, Auckland University Students Welfare, Crossroads Clubhouse, Dryden House, Earth Action Trust, Kelston Seventh Day Adventist Church, Kelmarna Gardens and Orakei Marae community gardens (with bread), Liston House, St Josephs Lodge, Grey Lynn Women’s Refuge, Youthline, 2 Housing NZ allotments etc as well as to individuals in need through our community contacts.

Ananda Purnima celebration

apc01Auckland margiis in Baba’s Birthday

We celebrated Ananda Purnima on 21st May(Saturday). In early morning programme 6 people and in afternoon 15 margiis attended. We did 3 hours Akhanda Kiirtan. Brother Jyotiprakash lead most part of kiirtan. We read Ananda Vanii in 4 languages. Kiirtan and Baba’s video were very inspiring. Margiis were very happy which make us feel, Baba is also very happy by observing His happy beloved children. We had a nice feast at the end. Sister Manju had prepared a nice Birthday Vegan cake for Baba. Brother Kapil, the senior most margii blew out  the candle. Few margiis had also brought food to share. All together it was a very blissful celebration with the cooperation of all margiis and by Baba’s grace.

apc02Akhanda kiirtan on Baba’s birthday

Prachar work in Wellington

Brother Rajiiv, a sympathizer had organized a talk on Different aspects of Yoga & meditation in Lower Hutt, Wellington. One brother learnt meditation. Brother Mayatiita has organized a vegan vegetarian cooking class for dada Shuddha in his home. 10 people attended. Before food we all sang Baba Nam Kevalam Kiirtan  collectively. After food we watched the Video on “Healthy living”.

piw01After cooking class singing kiirtan before meal in Wellington

Bhakti concert in Nelson

Nelson margiis conducted a public programme where about 60 people attended. Sister Kiran, Madhumita, brother Visnu performed different songs and Baba nam Kevalam kiirtan

bcn01Nelson concert

Programmes in Dunedin

By Didi Anuprabha

Regular Yoga classes are going on at Otago University twice a week  by Jiivan & Didi. In first semester classes from February 2016 to june 2016 regular 20 -25 students attended the class. From these classes 5 sisters and 3 brothers were initiated.

pid01Yoga class in Otago University

A power point presentation was given by Dada Paramatmananda  in OUSA ( Otago University Students Association ) on 23rd of March 2016 on mind and meditation. 10 people attended.

dpc01Dada Paramatmananda’s class in Otago Uni.

BABA’S Birthday celebration was held in Dunedin Unit on 21st of May.

A One day Yogafest was organised on 28th of May at OUSA which was attended by 11 people. Dada Shuddhatmananda gave workshop on Biopsychology. Jiivan gave a workshop on Vegetarian food and Didi Ananda Anuprabha gave a talk on Kiirtan and meditation. People appreciated for the delicious vegetarian food.  Dada initiated 2 brothers from the Yoga class.
A house warming ceremony was held in February of Tarun and Manika. Three hours akhanda kiirtan was held with collective lunch.

hwcdHouse warming ceremony, Dunedin, NZ

Regular Dharma chakra is going on in Dunedin Jagrti every Sunday.

cbj01Class by Jiivan in Yogafest in Otago university


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