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The Duty of a Spiritualist

The Duty of a Spiritualist

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It has been said that Bhágavat Dharma stands on four legs. The first leg is Vistára (expansion) and the other legs are Rasa (flow), Sevá (service) and Tadsthiti (establishment in the Supreme Entity). Love for the Great, causing one to move ahead towards Him is the basis of “Vistára”.

Suppose you see a hill before you. First you will have to look towards its peak, and then proceed gradually towards it. The search for the Great and the movement towards Him is the natural wont of all living beings, but particularly of human beings. That is why “Vistára” is the first leg of Bhágavat Dharma.

Within each person lies an inner, hidden desire that “I shall move ahead towards the Great and I will attain Him.” Pressed by this ideation, human beings forge ahead towards Parama Puruśa. They have a firm conviction that “I shall attain Him. I must attain Him.” This desire is the very essence of Dharma, this is what prompts people to practise Dharma.

Some people say that there is a difference of opinion amongst the various Dharma (religions). In reality, however, there cannot be any difference of opinion in Dharma, for Dharma is one for the entire human race. That Dharma is the endeavour to attain Parama Puruśa.

Dharmasya tattvaḿ Nihitaḿ guháyám.

That is, the theory of Dharma, the essence of Dharma, is embedded in the word “guhá”. That is, the sense of “ahaḿ” (doership) of a person is lying quiescent or hidden in the sense of “I am.” In Saḿskrta this sense of “I am” is called “guhá.” That is why under no circumstances can there be any difference of opinion amongst various Dharmas or any mutual ill-feeling in relation to Dharma. If someone says that there is Dharmic difference between such and such person, I shall call that talk improper. Those who speak in such a way are ignorant of Dharma.

The external desire of the human mind depends upon the theory of expansion (vistára). That alone is Dharma. That is why Dharma is for each and every human being; indeed, it is for the whole universe. The one Dharma for this earth and the entire cosmos as well, is to love Parama Puruśa and to rush towards Him because of that love. Dharma was one in the past, today it is also one, and even in the future it shall remain one.

People derive peace from this Dharma. That is why it is the duty of every human being to practise Dharma in each sector, in each stratum of life, and then to organize the entire human society with Dharma as its base.

Under no circumstance can there be any Dharmic difference. Rather Dharmic people love all because to them everyone is the progeny of Parama Puruśa and this cosmos is His creation. That is why it is verily the duty of every Dharmic person to establish a relationship of love and affection with each being created by Him and to express that love by serving society.

You shall always remember that you have come into this world for the practice of Dharma and to generate friendship, love and affection in the human society. Those who stick to the path of Dharma shall be victorious for eternity.

–P.R. Sarkar (aka. Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii)
12 February 1984, Kanpur

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